Our Performance

One of the key aspect of getting the best performance is to be able to analyze your data as the same time as you progressively collecting them.

In our world, data is king. Nothing speak louder than data itself. With that, our focus is really on getting more data at the starting phase, deep dive into the data we have, split testing our data and lastly, excel and fly.

Once you get the right angle and niche. This is where you harvest your result

This is by far the best result we ever hit back in 2019. But hey, do you know how long did it take for us to archive this result? Months and weeks of try and error.

Not all campaigns are profitable to start with, the main idea is to really keep trying to find the right angle and audience and re-targeting. Once you find the right combination (or the gold nugget!) that is where you should then blast and focus your investment at.

Also, nothing last forever, the market is constantly moving and things changes and who would know pandemic might some and hit the market in 2020. The idea is to follow and stick to the right formula, and that is where we can help